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Roman Empire Probus, AD 276-282 Graded NGC VF

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Genuine ancient Roman coinage that has been graded and encapsulated by NGC and enclosed in a "story vault" holder. This coin is an Aurellianianus bearing the image of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus (276-282AD). Probus was described by Gibbon, author of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, as the last of the benevolent constitutional emperors in Rome. The coin has been graded a VF (Very Fine) by the NGC Ancients Division and includes an informational card has the following, more detailed information on the coin...

"The aurelianianus, also known as the antoninianus, was introduced by Caracalla in 215 AD and was thought to have the value of two denarii. Unfortunately, even from its inception, the aurelianianus didn't contain as much silver as two denarii and only contained the silver content equivalent to one and a half denarii. Over time, the aurelianianus became heavily debased and was eventually covered by a thin layer of silver. This process has come to be known as silvering and explains why so many of these coins have a bronze appearance. By the late third century, the aurelianianus was made almost entirely out of bronze sourced from coins struck earlier in the empire, such as sestertii."

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