Meet The Stars

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Rick Harrison“The Genius”

Rick Harrison is the genius of Pawn Stars. He worked hard to get the concept of the show to TV and it has produced results not one even the otherworldly intelligent Rick could have imagined. Rick's encyclopedic knowledge has been earned from a lifetime of reading. At a young age Rick became a voracious reader, in part due to Epilepsy. Rick would suffer debilitating grand-mal seizures, and be stuck bed ridden for days on end. The family only had one TV, and it wasn't in his room, so he spent most of his time reading. Spend just 30 seconds with Rick and you will learn something. He is fiercely loyal, just the friend everyone wants and should have in their lives. He loves his classic rock music, movies and car collecting. Often more like an older brother to Corey than a dad, seeing the two of them together is not only fun but special. Get a cameo message from Rick by clicking here.

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Richard B. Harrison“THE OLD MAN”

Richard "The Old Man" Harrison was the unquestioned patriarch of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. After retiring from the Navy and losing in the real estate market, he moved to Vegas in 1981. All these years later, he is a continual favorite of Pawn Stars fans from young kids to those in his own demographic. He told it like it is, never mincing words or handing out an undeserved smile. He was a family man through and through and was generous to a fault when it came to grand kids & great grand kids. Always asking "What's new?" when he saw you, even if that was every day, he played an important and influential role in the shop all the way up to his passing on June 25th, 2018.

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Corey Harrison“BIG HOSS”

Corey isn’t so much “Big Hoss” anymore after taking 115 lbs off his frame. “Skinny” as some of the girls in the office like to call him, is a do-gooder even if he does not want anyone to know about it. He is the one who spends extra time or makes a call to a terminally ill child who is a Pawn Stars fan and tells them “to kick cancer’s butt” or makes sure his friend with the ‘bad’ heart has a check for the Heart Ball and attends all dressed up in an effort to support. He likes his boats, bikes and Bentleys but really loves his friends and family. Not unlike the elder two Harrisons, he will go to the end of the earth to help a friend and can be counted on in the occasional dust up to defend someone’s honor, as well. As smart as Rick is, it is Corey that knows what the lines on a red solo cup mean – now that is the friend and fact we should all have access to.

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Austin Russell“CHUMLEE”

Chum – the comic, the philosopher, the artist, the brother, the man. Chumlee is the best definition of an accidental celebrity to ever come across the media. Afterall, what is it he is famous for? He loves his sneakers, his caps, his designer duds, his family and his friends and maybe a little music, too. He is a great shot in basketball, an amazing big brother, a generous beyond what is good for him friend, and a champ in so many ways. Funny without meaning to be and sometimes while meaning to be, he is a breakout star and fan favorite. Chum will never lie to anyone, he is truthful to a fault but he thinks long and hard about any answer, opinion, or bit of wisdom he is about to lay on you.

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