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Nevada Goldbacks 1/200 oz 24K Gold Foil Aurum Note

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If you like to buy gold and collect currency notes, the "5" Nevada Goldback 1/200th oz 24K Gold Foil Aurum Note is an easy pick! This Nevada Goldback Five expands the selection of Goldback notes that debuted in 2019. The 5 Nevada Goldback is made with 1/200th troy ounce of 24K gold. 

Each Goldback portrays meticulously designed personifications of the Virtues. The obverse for the 5 Nevada Goldbacks displays the cardinal Virtue "Sophia," also known as Wisdom. She stands in early Nevada on a small Roman pillar that says “For Our Country” with a small bird flying beside her. Sophia is dressed in a traditional Roman dress, a sash with her name, and a helmet in addition to carrying two shields, a pickaxe, and a hunting spear. Around her are inventions that made the development of Nevada possible including the wheel, a log cabin, steam technology, and more. By her feet are a quill, inkwell, parchment, and a book.

The reverse is intentionally left blank with a negative image from the front. This serves as a security feature to better protect the Goldbacks from counterfeiting.

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