Harpers Ferry 1829 Model Hall Rifle

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Military Model 1829 - Dated 1838

Marked "J.M. Hall, H. Ferry, U.S. 1838"

Good wear

Perfect functioning condition

In 1774 George Washington nominated Harpers Ferry as America's second arsenal and armory. Construction began in 1799 and the armory was manufacturing guns by 1801. In 60 years Harpers Ferry produced 600,000 pistols and rifles. In 1859, a man named John Brown and his abolitionists seized the arsenal and later surrendered to the Marines under the command of Robert E. Lee. Union soldiers set fire to the armory to prevent the Confederacy from gaining an armory and during the Civil War it changed hands eight times. This shows the importance of the armory at that time.

The model 1819 is also known as the "Hall Rifle." It was an example of the innovation that was occurring during this period of American history. It was the first breech loading rifle to be adopted by the U.S. Army and also the first firearm made with interchangeable parts.

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