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Anthony Quinn; The Great Spirit 8

Anthony Quinn; The Great Spirit 8

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Medium: Lithograph
98 of 100
Image Size: 
17 3/4" x 24 3/4"
Anthony R. Quinn, Ariane Lancell, Paris, 1986
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Anthony Quinn was born during wartime in the revolution in Chihuahua, Mexico in 1915, and eventually settled in Los Angeles, California with his family. His interest in art developed at the age of nine, as did the recognition in his works. In high school, he won an architectural plan contest winning him an internship with famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, who helped him realize what became the motto of Quinn's life; to live and create the size of the spirit of man. After a sixty year acting career adorned with many awards and accreditations, Quinn returned to art with a success in sculpture. He continued to filmmaking, while turning objects on set such as rocks, into works of art. To add to Anthony's many achievements in acting, sculpting and painting, he also published two autobiographies in 1974 and 1994 before his passing in 2001.

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