1918 WWI Reproduction Trench Knife

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  • FINALLY something that you want!

  • This exact knife was issued to US troops during WWI, ours is a reproduction that looks identical
  • As some might know, during WWI, trench warfare was very common and the US wanted troops to have something a bit more violent than other knives at the time
  • A trench knife like this is perfect for close-quarter combat, where stabbing or hurting your enemy with the knuckle guard is a viable option
  • US troops also used another method for attacking their enemies. Using the skull crusher (looks like a bigger version of a glass breaker) at the bottom/base
  • You definitely need to keep this away from children

More Features:

  • Blade Size: 6 ¼” (15.89 cm)
  • Total Length: 11.5” (29.21 cm)

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