1700s Era Japanese Tanegashima Matchlock Pistol

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This rare matchlock pistol was originally designed for use by mounted samurai in battle, however the pistols proved impractical because the rider had to ignite a piece of cord in the lock, or firing chamber, while at the same time controlling his moving horse. Nonetheless, owning one of these pistols remained popular with the samurai as a symbol of power, rank, and wealth.

This is a original Japanese Model Tanegashima Pistol from the 1700s. The brass parts flow nicely into the dark wood giving it an elegant appearance. Just imagine one of these sitting in a glass case mounted on your wall, or sectioned off from the rest of your hunting rifles in your gun safe. These beautiful & historic weapons are great conversation starters and a fine and historic addition to any weapons collection.


Full Length: Approximately 15.5"

Barrel: Approximately 8"

Note: Pistol shows signs of wear & tear due to aging.

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