"Vajen" Vintage Firefighters Helmet

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This safety invention was the Vajen Firefighter Smoke Helmet, dating back to the late 19th century, it is a true collector's piece. Crafted with leather and featuring a brass frame, it represents a crucial step forward in firefighter safety. Unique features introduced with this helmet include...

  • Attached Hoses: This allowed firefighters to breathe independently in smoky environments.
  • Mica windows: Offering protection and some visibility.
  • Whistle and Leatherwork: Essential for communication and safety checks.

This remarkable helmet honors the bravery of early firefighters and offers a glimpse into firefighting history.

Condition Report: This helmet signs of natural wear and tear such as fading, scuffs, cracked leather, and stains. The straps are worn and creased. The mask may or may not be in working condition. For more information regarding the condition of this item please contact us directly.

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