Salvador Dali - The Siren of the Dream

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Medium: Wood Cut
Paper size:
10 ¼” x 13”
Framed Size: 
16" x 20"
Publisher: Les Heures Claires - 1963

Frame: This item is sold framed. Since it has been previously displayed the frame may have minor imperfections. Please contact us for a detailed condition report.

Salvador Dali­ was born in Spain, 1904, and from an early age was encouraged to practice his art by both parents. After studying at an academy in Madrid, Dali­ traveled to Paris where he began working with master artists such as Pablo Picasso, and Joan Miro eventually leading him to his first Surrealist phase. During that time, he was also working with styles of Impressionism, Cubism and Futurism. Dali’s paintings became known to express three general themes; man’s universe and sensations, sexual symbolism and ideographic imagery. One of his most famous works produced at the time, ‘The Persistence of Memory’ might also be one of the best-known pieces of Surrealist work. After being expelled from the Surrealist movement for his political stances, Dali­ shifted into a different style he often called his period of “Nuclear Mysticism” Although his health is what eventually stopped him from creating, Salvador Dali­ lives on through his artwork that can be seen featured all over the world.

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