Henri Matisse; Panche XXVIII

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Henri Matisse was born December 31, 1869, in Le Cateau-Cambresis, France. He developed an interest in art only at the age of twenty-one. He is a former French artist known for both color use and his fluid/original draughtsman. His mastery of expressive colors and drawings exhibited in a series of works over more than half a century has made him a leading figure in contemporary art. Throughout Matisse’s career, whether it was during his oil-painted works, his stripped-back sculptural pieces, or in his final years of cut-outs, the consistent theme within the artist’s work is an appreciation of form and composition. Matisse demonstrated the benefits of being open to influence, absorbing techniques from his contemporaries and the colors seen in his travels. His use of bright hues and simple shapes to convey mood and emotion was bold at the time and continues to be an inspiration to many artists today.

Medium: Photo-Lithograph

Edition: 684 of 1000

Signature: Plate Signed

Image Size: 8" x 12" 

Frame Size: 17.5" x 15" x 1" 

Year of Production: Paris: Lee Soins de l'Artise, 1920

Note: This item is sold framed. Since it has been previously displayed the frame may have imperfections. Please contact us for a detailed condition report.

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