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As Seen on Pawn Stars

1940's Kelvin Hughes Binnacle

1940's Kelvin Hughes Binnacle

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This American binnacle has been restored with a gimbaled compass, and varnished base with compensating balls. The faceplate is inscribed, “Wilfrid O. White & Sons,” and is in excellent working condition. 
The binnacle, formerly called the bittacle, is the receptacle in which the compass is mounted. Originally constructed in the form of a cupboard, it is now usually a cylindrical pedestal with provision for illuminating the compass card, usually from below.
Each binnacle contains specially placed magnets and pieces of steel that cancel the magnetic effects of the metal of the ship.

Much the same kind of device is used aboard aircraft, except that, in addition, it contains a corrective mechanism for the errors induced in magnetic compasses when airplanes suddenly change course. The corrective mechanism is a gyroscope, which has the property of resisting efforts to change its axis of spin.

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Dimensions: Approx. 54.5" x 24.5" x 34.5 

Purchased on "Pawn Stars do America" Season 2 Episode 6 "Rhode Island Riches"

Condition Report: This item shows signs of natural aging w/ wear and tear such as discoloration, scuffs, and dents. 

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