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Roman Empire Gordian III, AD 238-244 Ar Double-Denarius Graded NGC XF

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Ancient double denarius from the Roman Empire minted under the reign of the Emperor Gordian (238-244AD). This coin has been graded a XF (Extremely Fine) by NGC Ancients division and encapsulated in a story vault holder with additional information on the history of the coin. The text of the vault reads as follows...

"Gordian III’s grandfather and uncle, Gordian I & II, perished in a North African revolt in AD 238. Gordian II was appointed Caesar by joint emperors Babinus and Pepienus. The 13-year-old Caesar was honored via coinage in the less than 100 days he held the title before becoming Augustus.

The civil war that had killed Gordian III’s your predecessors allowed Rome’s enemies a moment to strike. The first three years of the young ruler’s tenure were under strong Senate guidance to deter the Goth’s and the Capri’s advancement. The remaining years of Gordian’s reign were met with more harsh battles, though this time with his trusted Commander of the Praetorian Guard at the helm. Gordian III’s young, untimely death in AD 244 is a mystery. Many think it was a coup led by Philip I while other attributes it to a battle against the Sasanians."

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