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Ancient Roman Coin from Turkey, AD 328-244 AU

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This is a genuine Roman drachm that was minted in Turkey in 238-244AD. The coin features the bust of the Emperor Gordian III, the youngest sole Emperor of the Roman Empire. This coin has been authenticated, encapsulated and graded a AU (About Uncirculated) by NGC. Includes a "story vault" card with additional information on the coin, reading as follows...

"The City of Caesarea is located at the base of Mount Argaeus, which exceeds 13,000 feet and is the dominant geographic feature of the Cappadocian plain in eastern Turkey. It was a city of great strategic importance in the near east. Originally it was called Mazaca and served as the royal seat of the Kings of Cappadocia. The city's name changed twice, ultimately stopping at Caesarea in honor of Rome's first emperor, Augustus, who bore the title Caesar. 

The Romans struck coins there from 14 A.D. through 251-253 A.D. The city was an important center for early Christianity and the birthplace of Bishop Basil the Great."

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