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1600s Japan Katana Sword

Yamahiro No Kami Toshinaga 1600s


SKU: GOS048263

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Product Description

Yamahiro No Kami Toshinaga 1600s Katana

Master signed Katana

Katana is easily the most famous Samurai sword. In fact, many refer to Katana as a “Samurai Sword”. It is characterized by its distinctive appearance. It has a curved, single-edged blade with a long grip to accommodate two hands. Though there is no fixed size for a Katana, most of them have a length between 60 cm to 80 cm.

This is a Japan Katana Sword made in the 1600s. The scabbard is of wood material that flows directly into the handle giving it a sleek and clean appearance. If you are a collector of swords this blade would make a great addition to your collection.


Full Length: Approximately 31”

Blade: Approximately 23”

Note: Sword is worn due to aging.

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Sword: Yamahiro No Kami Toshinaga Model Katana 1600s, Japanese, Signature Good 

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