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WW1 World War 1 Trench Binoculars Periscope

WWI Trench Binoculars Periscope


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Product Description

WW1 World War 1 - Rabbit Ears Trench Binoculars Periscope Telescope

  • We have a special military memorabilia item for ALL Gold & Silver Pawn Shop fans!!!
  • These early 1900s Trench Periscope Telescope Binoculars were used to help soldiers track the enemy while remaining concealed & covered in fighting positions in trenches
  • Trench Binoculars weren’t very discreet or easy to carry BUT definitely priceless when fighting the enemy. Soldiers would use these to help spot the enemy or spot field artillery rounds
  • You could use these WW1 Periscope Rabbit Ears Trench Binoculars still to this day!
  • Over 100 years old and they're still kickin’!
  • The leather cups that cover the lenses are in very good condition. The original leather from the early 1900s is still intact and in great shape!
  • This World War 1 memorabilia is in very good condition. It comes with a leather case to help store & protect the binoculars
  • WWI items are HARD to Come By and these Trench Periscope Binoculars are NO different
  • Place an offer today before someone else does!  

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