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WATA Grade - 720 NES Skateboarding Game by Atari

WATA Grade - 720 NES Skateboarding Game by Atari


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Product Description

WATA Grade - 720 NES Skateboarding Game by Atari

  • Ready to hop on your skateboard and take leaps over obstacles at Skate Park!
  • 720° is a skateboarding video game made by Atari in 1986
  • Players can control the lone skateboarder around Skate Park by doing tricks & jumps
  • As you earn more points, you will get the chance to compete at different skate parks
  • Why is this game called 720 degrees? It’s interesting name comes from the very difficult skateboarding trick called the 720
  • The “720 degrees” trick is when a skater turns a full 720 degrees in air after jumping off a ramp!
  • Anyone that’s played this 720 NES Game will remember the killer bees that attack you if you’re not in an event. “SKATE OR DIE!” can be seen on the top of your screen when these bees come!
  • Sealed WATA Certified NES Game with a seal rating of A and a grade of 7.0
  • Buy this game Today & Show those ugly killer bees who rules all 4 skate parks in this classic 720 degree skateboarding NES Game! 

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