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Vintage Nikon/Nippon Kogaku S2 35mm Camera

Vintage Nikon/Nippon Kogaku S2 35mm Camera


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Product Description

Vintage Nikon/Nippon Kogaku S2 35mm Camera

Nippon Kogaku, K.K. was formed in 1917 (they actually produced all of Canon's lenses until mid-1947)

The name "Nikon" was finally decided on, and the first typography appeared in 1948, along with the release of Nippon Kogaku's first camera

This camera is the Nikon S2; the model was announced in November of 1954, and was available for purchase in January of 1955

Its serial number (6140804) dates the camera's manufacture date to June/July of 1955

The black body is more limited, it would usually come in chrome/silver, but professional photographers would order it in black for a less conspicuous finish, costing them $20 extra.

It is thought that there were as few at 450-500 of this specific camera made, with the color way and condition helping its rarity, this is certainly a collectors item.

24 x 36mm Image Size

Shutter Capability: 1/1000th of a second

Finder: 1:1 Ration

Winding Lever and Crank System (instead of buttons)



Comes with Certificate of Authenticity from Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

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