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377-326 BC Hecte Greece - The Original Precious Metal, Electrum Hecte: Mytilene, Lesbos Island

377-326 BC Hecte Greece - The Original Precious Metal, Electrum Hecte: Mytilene, Lesbos Island


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Serial Number:G00000248A

Ultra-high denomination notes are among the most desirable numismatic items available, and this high quality $5000 Federal Reserve Note from the Chicago District is no exception. The $5000 face value of this note can ignite fascinating dialogue as the amount of money it represented during its circulation period was roughly the equivalent to $85,000 in today's money. The Chicago Federal Reserve District saw just 6,600 notes printed of this denomination and series date. It has been awarded a grade of VF 30 by industry leader PCGS.

When compared to the lesser denominations of their respective series, these ultra-high denomination notes did not differ drastically from a stylistic stand point. The face exhibits a central portrait of James Madison, our nation's fourth President and often regarded as the "Father of the Constitution." A treasury seal and district seal are observed at right and left respectively, along with adjacent serial numbers. Seen arched at top center is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, with WILL PAY TO THE, BEARER ON DEMAND, in smaller text directly below. Large 5000 counters adorn each of the corners and FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS, is centered in the lower border. The back received a more business oriented styling in favor of the appealing vignettes found on the backs of lesser denominated bills. Three large 5000 protectors at left, center and right, with heavy geometric styling at the borders. Ample white space surrounds the central counter, which was implemented to highlight details of the design for counterfeit identification. 

We are proud to offer this exemplary collectible to our most discerning clientele.

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