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Salvador Dali; The Last Supper - Silver 105 / 175

Salvador Dali; The Last Supper - Silver 105 / 175

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Product Description

Salvador Dali, The Last Supper; Silver

This classic bold relief wall sculpture of Salvador Dali's "The Last Supper," 18" X 24" in size, captures all the intensity and drama of this, the last night that Jesus would gather with his disciples before his arrest, trial, death, and Resurrection.

Word of the betrayal by one amongst them has caused the Apostles great anguish and turmoil, they question their own faith and are consumed by doubt.

One Saint raises his fist in anger, several drop to their knees in prayer , one whispers in the ear of our Lord, one rests his head on Christ's shoulder, Judas Iscariot tormented by his own treachery flees from the group.

Only the reassuring words of Jesus that they should not grieve and that He shall return heartens the Apostles. "I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you"... John 16:22

Intense emotions charged the air in these last moments together of the men whose destinies were to alter the course of history, and whose words were to echo throughout the annals of time.

The dynamic strength of this historically significant moment has been perfectly captured in this monumental tribute by Salvador Dali.

"The Last Supper" is a metal wall sculpture in a limited edition finished in silver or platinum. Each sculpture is individually presented in its own luxurious velour display box along with the story of this event in its significance.

The master mould from which these sculptures were made has been destroyed.

We are proud to be offering this exclusive collection of Dali's "The Last Supper," and urge every art aficionado to acquire a piece of this limited collection.

This piece is sold unframed, however framing is available. For information on pricing, please email or give us a call at (702)-272-0006.

Comes w/ Certificate of Authenticity Signed by Rick Harrison & our IFAA Certified Appraiser.

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