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RARE! Harpes Trilobite Fossil thumbnail

RARE! Harpes Trilobite Fossil

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Product Description

RARE! Harpes Trilobite Fossil

  • This is an excellent example of a harpietid trilobite Harpes perradiatus
  • Harpid trilobites are among the most sought-after trilobites among collectors because of their rarity and bizarre design
  • Harpetidas are characterized among trilobites by bearing a semicircular brim around the cephalon (head) which is often perforated by small pores
  • This brim is thought to serve as a filter-feeding apparatus
  • The brim stretches backward on either side of the cephalon (head) and typically has a pronounced suture along the outside
  • Their eyespots are typically reduced to small tubercles
  • Own this remarkable fossil today before it's sold!!! 
  • As shown in the photos part of the fossil is missing. 

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