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Tabaristan Khurshid, c.AD 740-761 AR Hemidrachm Silk Road Hoard MS

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The silver Hemidrachms (or half drachms) of the Silk Road Hoard were hand struck in Tabaristan, the oldest human settlement in Iran and onetime center of Persian culture and the Zoroastrian religion. Commanding the southern shore f the Caspian Sea, the kingdom of Tabaristan was situated along the great Silk Road, an ancient network of trade routes that stretched over 4,600 miles from China to the Mediterranean Sea. The path first emerged from the profitable Chinese silk trade of the Han dynasty and then continued westward. The route was active for more than 1, 500 years and played an essential role in the economic and cultural development of many civilizations. These ancient coins were minted during the Dark Ages; a time when written record was scarce. We are proud to offer these authentic silver hemidrachms from the Silk Road Hoard without which this history would likely be lost.

*Note* Coin received may slightly vary from that pictured however, year, grade and coin type will all match.

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