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Roman Empire Constantinian, AD 330-340 AU

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Roman Empire Constantinian, AD 330-340

According to legend, twins Remus and Romuus were born of an illicit affair between Rhea Silvia, daughter of king Numitor, and Mars the God of War. Before their conception, king Numitor was forcibly dethroned by Amulius, his brother , who subsequently killed Numitor's male heirs and forced Rhea Silvia into a life of chastity as a Vestal Virgin.

In a fit of rage following the discovery of Rhea Silvia's broken celibatory vow, King Amuilius tried to drown the twins so to remove any threat of their royal birthright. The infants, however, were nursed to health by a she-wolf. In time, the spirited twins killed Amulius and restored their grandfather Numitor to his rightful throne.

Deciding to found a town of their own, the brothers chose the place on the Tiber where the she-wolf had nursed them. Ultimately, following a stormy disagreement over the new city's name, Romulus killed his brother Remus. Romulus went forth with the new city's construction, naming the site Roma (Rome), after his own name.

Well over 1, 000 years later (from AD 330 until 346) Emperor Constantine I, The Great, issued this unique commemorative coin.

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