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Parthian Kingdom Mithradates III, C87-80 BC AR Drachm [also attr. To Orodes I] MS

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Parthian Kingdom Mithradates III, C87-80 BC AR Drachm MS

Once conquered by Alexander the Great for Kingdom of Macedon, the Parthian Kingdom did not gain independent rule again until 200 BC. Established along the Southern Shore of the Caspian Sea, the region grew to include all the Persian Plateau and the Tigris-Euphrates Valley. The independent reign was plagued by attacks from the Schythian’s, Romans, and nomads. Mithradates II (123-88 BC) was able to negotiate a treaty with Rome that gained a large amount of land and held off further attacks. Despite holding off Rome, the most powerful kingdom of the time, the Parthian Kingdom was finally overthrown by the Sasanians in the early third century AD.

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