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Nabataea Rabbel II & Gamilat AE c.AD 70-106 “Money of the Bible” Ch F

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Nabatea Rabbel II & Gamilat AE c.AD 70-106 “Money of the Bible” Ch F

Most ancient history is filled with recounts of wars and siege, but these coins tell a different story. Minted in the age of Pax Romana, a nearly 200-year period of relative peach and minimal expansion, these coins represent a tribe of caravan-traders from Northern Arabia settling into one location. The Nabateans chose, the now Famous, city of Petra (present day Jordan). The city provided temples and tombs carved into rock and strategic advantage for the transportation of goods from southern Arabia to the Mediterranean coast. The Nabataean Kingdom survived until 106 A.D. when Roman Emperor Trajan created the Arabia Province.

*Note* Coin received may slightly vary from that pictured however, year, grade and coin type will all match.

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