Miyoshi Daijo Nagamichi 1600s Katana Sword

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Genuine Japanese Katana from the 1600's. This sword has been personally inspected and authenticated by "Pawn Stars" sword expert and leading US authority Mike Yamasaki. The blade has been professionally polished and sharpened.

Before guns dominated warfare, the blade ruled the battlefield. And, out of all the glimmering swords in history from the saber to the broadsword the katana of medieval Japan is by far the foremost notorious. The slim, razor-sharp sword is effortlessly recognizable thanks to the notoriety of the samurai, furious warriors wrapped in threatening iron armor prepared to die honorably on the front line. As the years went by, their katanas were made for quick, precise kills and got to be known as aesthetic masterpieces of death.


Full Length: Approximately 37"

Blade: Approximately 28”

Condition Report: Sword is in very good condition. Cosmetic flaws to the exterior of the scabbard dings, markings, dents, and scruff. For more information regarding the condition of this item please contact us directly. Sword handle's wrap and backing (shark skin) are not original. 

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