Large Spirit Quartz Cluster

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Spirit Quartz often called cactus quartz or fairy quartz depending on the exact habit comes from the North Western region of South Africa. The deposits are mined by individual miners who simply own a small piece of land which scatters the areas of the deposit. The material is not mined on a commercial level but rather you have hundreds of individuals mining their own small area, often in their back gardens. Spirit Quartz is one of South Africa's main exports in terms of mineral specimens.

Spirit Quartz is a protective stone that shields the aura and transmutes negative energy. The sense of calm and peace Spirit Quartz brings helps decrease fears and makes it an excellent stone to use many stressful situations.

Size Range:   13.8" x 5.4" x 6.7"

Grade:            Very Good Grade

Weight Range:        18.5lbs

Origin:           Boekenhouthoek, South Africa

Product Type:          Décor

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