IBM Computer Vacuum Tube Module

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From the pioneering machines that gave birth to a information revolution this is a IBM computer vacuum tube modular from the 1950's. This part likely came from the 700 series and is labeled with a part number 504552 and has a stamp that says 0245E.

Vacuum Tubes also known as an Electron Tubes is a Contraption utilized to increase, switch, alter, or make an electrical gesture by controlling the development of electrons in a low-pressure vacuum space. It was designed by an English electrical engineer and physicist named Sir John Ambrose Fleming in 1904. Vacuum tubes were crucial components of any electronic circuit between 1915 to 1950. They were used in numerous electronic gadgets, counting radios, phone systems, sound recording/amplification, radar, television, and computers. 

Note: Item is used with natural wear & tear. There is some broken snap flanges from when the part was removed. Cannot be tested, sold as a display/historic item. Please contact us directly for more information regarding the condition of this item. 

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