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Greek Coinage Histiaea, Euboea Island AR F

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The major Greek city-state of Histiaea, located on Euboea, was strategically position above the narrows to the North Euboean Gulf. Histiaea was described by Homer in the IIiad as “rich in grapes” and was known for being a large and fertile coastal plain. Known for its great wine, it was able to flourish as a commercial seaport. The beauty of this 3rd century B.C. silver Tetrobol is matched by the beauty of the nymph it depicts. The obverse depicts Histiaea, the beautiful nymph who was a follower of Dionysus (depicted). The bust is a bold and beautiful, showcasting the city’s goddess and the wine-wreath headboard. The reverse depicts a nymph seated on the prow of a galley and holding a naval standard. This highlighted the city’s military strength and paid tribute to its goddess. This coin type commemorates the banishment of the tyrant Philiarides from the island of Euboea – a triumph shared by Histaians as well as Athenians who were great assistance in the endeavor.

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