Frank Sinatra & Mia Farrow's Wedding Table Gift

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  • Calling out ALL Frank Sinatra lovers!
  • We have a special item from Mia Farrow & Frank Sinatra’s wedding on July 19, 1966..........
  • ....A wedding gift that was placed on tables during their wedding reception!
  • He met her in September 1964 while filming the movie “Von Ryan’s Express” for 20th Century-Fox
  • Sinatra instantly fell in love with Farrow’s long beautiful luxurious blonde hair!
  • Everything was going fairly well for Frank and Mia until the end of 1965. Then his first wife, Nancy, and her daughters, Nancy Jr. and Tina, began planning a party to celebrate Frank’s 50th birthday
  • Frank told Mia she couldn’t attend because his children were upset at him for dating her. Many arguments occurred during their relationship
  • After an argument and coming to an acting role late, as Mia herself put it, “I picked up a pair of scissors and cut my hair to less than an inch in length.” Then proceeded to hand the hair to her director!
  • Sinatra and Farrow would be married for only a year. He insisted she not star in “Rosemary’s Baby,” and she refused him
  • This only increased the turmoil between the two and finally Sinatra send divorce papers to her trailer while filming “Rosemary’s Baby”
  • Most details were from “Frank Sinatra: Behind the Legend” by author J. Randy Taraborrelli
  • If you’re a Frank Sinatra fan this is a MUST HAVE item to own from one of the Greatest singers to ever play in Las Vegas!!!

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