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Music Original Art

Denny Dent; Elvis Presley

Denny Dent; Elvis Presley

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Denny Dent Art "Elvis Presley Air Brush Canvas"

Entitled: Elvis
This item is a Limited Edition
Dimensions: Approximately 40" x 30"

Denny Dent was an American speed painter who was known for his lively performances as he painted large celebrity portraits. Dent had a certain performance, he referred to as "Two Fisted Art Attack," were he would be rapidly painting with multiple brushes in both hands, sometimes using his fingers as tools too, on a six foot black canvas during a musical act. It would only take him a few songs, and his piece would be complete. He was quoted telling former President Gerald Ford, "I'm out to disturb the heart of the nation, I've got no time to lose."

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