Barry Sautner Glass Sculpture

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Barry Sautner Glass Sculpture

Barry Sautner (1952-2009) was one of the premiere glass artists of the 20th century. Themes in his work range from reflections on nature and classical forms to more current topics. Barry’s work has been on display at numerous museums and galleries, and his work is part of the permanent collections of the Bergstrom-Mahler Musuem, The Birks Musuem, The Museum of American Glass and The Newark Musuem, as well as many private collections. He was also one of two living artists to be shown in “Cameo Glass: Masterpieces from 2,000 Years of Glassmaking” which was sponsored by The Corning Museum of Glass in 1982. In addition, a number of art publications have also featured his work.

This original work was created by sandblasting this piece down from a block of glass. As with all Sautner works it is notable for its precision and attention to detail. There is a very small chip on the ail of the fish.

Measures 2" x 2" x 2 1/2"

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