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Save Freedom of Worship (thumbnail)

Norman Rockwell; "Save Freedom of Worship"



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Product Description

World War II Era War Bonds Poster

This item is an authentic World War II era war bond poster designed by Norman Rockwell.

A war bond is an initiative by a government to fund military operations and spending by issuing debt for the public to purchase.

The public may buy these bonds out of a feeling of patriotic duty, or other emotional appeal.

Although war bonds do not typically pay interest, they are sold at a discount that mature to face value, typically after a period of 10-30 years.

This poster depicts people engaged in prayer with the phrase "Save Freedom of Worship"

Item is in great condition for its age.

This poster does have creasing from being folded but is in otherwise excellent shape.

Sold Unframed; Please inquire for framing options.


28" x  20"

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