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Microvision Handheld Game

Microvision Vintage Handheld Video Game Set


SKU: BT-GOS009202-01

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Product Description

Microvision Handheld Vintage Video Game 

Microvision is a handheld game console released in 1979. It was the first ever game console to use interchangeable cartridges, which later became standard for the industry. The game system was designed by Jay Smith at Smith E3ngineering and distributed by board game company Milton-Bradly. Games sales were initially successful, and Milton Bradley grossed $8 million off of it in its first year of production.

This Microvision Handheld Game comes with the original game boxes, game packaging, instruction booklets, and cartridges. Included are nine of the only 12 games ever sold for the console including Bowling, Vegas Slots, Star Trek: Phaser Strike, and Cosmic Hunter etc. Each game console has its own interface and optimize the buttons for unique gameplay. The console is about 7" x 4". It takes one 9 volt battery and has storage to hold a backup battery. There is a built-in speaker for sound.

Note: The boxes are in decent condition. Some games show signs of wear & tear due to aging.


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