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Michelangelo's Madonna Pieta Bust Bronze (thumbnail)

Michelangelo's Madonna Bust from "Madonna of Bruges" Bronze

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Product Description

Michelangelo; Madonna Della Pietà

  • This is an exact casting of a treasure of Western Civilization, Michelangelo’s masterwork, the Pietà
  • This sculpture of the Virgin Mary which graces the Vatican is considered Michelangelo's most perfect work and is the only sculpture he ever signed
  • This "Madonna Della Pietà" bronze bust was commissioned through the Vatican and cast from a plaster relief, done when the original in Rome was repaired in the 1970s
  • New Renaissance Art Corp. obtained a license from the Vatican to cast 500 Bronze pieces
  • Created utilizing the "lost wax" casting technique, a method believed to be over 5,000 years old, this artwork continues an artisan tradition almost as old as civilization itself
  • The work includes a Certificate of Authenticity from the Foundry
  • The creation of this casting was deemed significant enough that it was covered by the NYTimes Arts in America
  • Item is in pristine condition and measures 15” x 11” x 13”

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