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Megalonyx, Ground Sloth Skeleton

Megalonyx, Ground Sloth Skeleton

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Megalonyx, Ground Sloth Skeleton

 Free standing Ground Sloth Skeleton, this find represents over 20 years of diligent searching on surface and scuba diving. Standing at 8 feet tall words can't describe how impressive this specimen is. The piece is a composite, missing elements were replaced with real material when possible, total repair 20%. Professional custom armature, most bones are completely removable, comes with custom shipping crate and price includes freight delivery within the domestic US.

Scientific name Megalonyx Jeffersoni, the generic name Megalonyx was proposed by future U.S. President Thomas Jefferson in 1797, based on fossil specimens of what later came to be called Megalonyx jeffersonii that he had received from western Virginia. Megalonyx is a Greek word for “large claw” Originally thought to be of a lion (lonyx). The Megalonyx Ground Sloth averaged 9.5 tall in height, and weighed up to 2200 pounds or 1000 kilograms. He lived during the Ice Age Period or Pleistocene age. Living from 10.3 Mya – 11,000 years ago. Like other ground sloths it had a blunt snout, massive jaw, and large peg-like teeth. The hind limbs were (flat-footed) and this, along with its stout tail, allowed it to rear up into a semi-erect position to feed on tree leaves. The forelimbs had highly developed claws that were probably used to strip leaves and tear off branches. All material was legally collected.

Height 8 feet tall Width 5 ft 2 inch

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