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Led Zeppelin's Starship Matchbox Collection

Led Zeppelin's Starship Matchbox Collection


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Product Description

 The Starship Matchbox Memorabilia 

As seen on Pawn Stars, authentic Matchbox collection from legendary Boeing 720 plane, "The Starship". The former United Airlines Boeing 720 passenger was heavily modified at the cost of nearly a quarter of a million dollars, with the intention of renting it out to touring super-groups. Elton John, Alice Cooper, Peter Frampton, and most famously Led Zeppelin partied across the country in this Rock & Roll Air Force One. Swivel chairs, a bar with electric organ, and a 3/4” Sony U-matic videocassette player and TV were installed (The plane’s library contained films ranging from Deep Throat to the Marx Brothers), and a bedroom, for “privacy” was built into the back of the plane. Shag carpeting, champagne, the Starship had it all, even President Nixon’s Air Force One didn’t compare. There were two stewardesses on the plane and it cost $2500 an hour to lease.

John Bonham was once rumored to have flown the jet from Los Angeles to New York. Legend also has it that he once drunkenly tried to open the jet’s hatch to take a pee while the plane was flying over Kansas City…

 A true one of a kind piece of Rock & Roll History make us an offer today before this one flies away!

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