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 Greek Coinage Thracian Chersonesus F

Greek Coinage Thracian Chersonesus F


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Product Description

Greek Coinage Thracian Chersonesus Grade: F

During the fourth century B.C., when these coins were struck, the Thracian Peninsula was first ruled by Athens (beginning in 560 BC) until it became the focus of a territorial dispute with King Philip II of Macedon to whom it was eventually surrendered in 338 BC. After the deth of Philip II's son Alexander's successors and it was ultimately conquered by the Romans in early second century B.C. Throughout this period these coins were likely used as trade currency along the coast of the Black Sea via the Turkish Straits; a region that has acted as a center of maritime trade for over a millennia. 


Year/MM: 4th Century BC
Grading Service: NGC
Grade: F
Collection: NGC Ancients
Verified:* Yes


*Note* Coin received may slightly vary from that pictured however, year, grade and coin type will all match.

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