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Extracts From The Votes and Proceedings of the American Continental Congress


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Product Description

1774 Extracts from Continental Congress

From the heady days of pre-revolutionary America this item is a rare chance to own a piece of the American Revolution normally reserved for museums. Extracts From The Votes and Proceedings of the American Continental Congress, printed in Philadelphia on September 5, 1774 is one of the first diplomatic salvos sent to King George III, setting off a series of events that would culminate in the Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War.

In these papers the founding fathers laid out many of their qualms with George III's rule over the colonies. Taxation without representation, the coercive acts and other grievances frayed the loyalties of the Crown's colonies. They even went so far as to state that if Britain did not repeal the Coercive Acts by December 1, 1774, the American colonies would boycott British goods. Then, if not repealed by September 10, 1775, an embargo on exports would be put into effect.

The Continental Congress also drafted a formal petition to the King of Britain outlining their grievances, believing that every opportunity should be give to Britain to stifle radical action. The Congress did not extend the courtesy to the British Parliament as the colonists believed Parliament to be the cause of the aggressive Coercive Acts. Of course, the petition fell on deaf ears and the Revolutionary War broke out in Massachusetts in April 1775. 

The book measures 7.75” x 5” x .25” and has 48 pages. The bookbinding is sewn with original stitching. The cover and pages have tatters, corner folds, frays, fading, spotting, stains, and a few pen marks. Missing the final page. It contains a declaration of colonial rights, a list of grievances, Occasional Resolves, the Articles of Association, an Address to the People of Great Britain and a Memorial to the Inhabitants of the British American Colonies.

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