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Titanic Shares Certificate: International Mercantile Marine Company

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In 1902 J. P. Morgan formed the International Mercantile Marine Company with an investment of $120 million. An American financier with a gift for creating fortunes, Morgan was involved in railroads and steel empires. He purchased Red Star Lines, the Mississippi, and the entire capital stock of the White Star Line; a British company, thereby giving him more than half of the total British Atlantic tonnage. This transaction created the first international corporation of its kind. Although the White Star Fleet continued to be British registered, have British crews, and to fly the Red Ensign, it was really an American liner company. From 1902 until 1927, the White Star Line was a wholly owned subsidiary of IMMC. From its inception thirty years earlier until the turn of the century, it was probably the most successful of the British transatlantic carriers.

The most famous member of the International Mercantile Marine fleet was the White Star Liner, Titanic.  This “unsinkable” 45,328 ton, 882 1/2 foot ship was the largest liner the world had known. On her maiden voyage to New York April 14, 1912, the liner hit an iceberg shortly after Sunday dinner. Of the 2,340 crew and passengers aboard, only 705 were saved. This greatest of all liners became the greatest disaster in maritime history with the deaths of 1,635 people. The story of the Titanic is the best documented of all stories of ocean liner tragedies.

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