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Roman Republic c.211-208 BC AR Victoriatus MS

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Roman Republic c.211-208 BC AR Victoriatus MS

The Victoriatus was minted during the Roman Republic for only a brief period, c. 221-170 BC. It was named from the depiction of Victory on its reverse, crowning a trophy (tropaeum), a symbol of victory built from the weapons of the defeated enemy. The obverse displays the laureate head of Jupiter. With Rome’s successes against the armies of Hannibal in the later stages of the Second Punic War there was a large influx of wealth resulting in an immediate need for more coinage. The war against Hannibal brought about the most comprehensive currency reform of Antiquity. It also gave birth to the denarius, which would be in circulation for almost 500 years, leaving the victoriatus for purposes of trade with Greek and Southern Italian merchants. The Vistoriatus followed a different standard than that of the denarius, system. It averaged about 70% silver ( but with considerable variation) and, unlike the denarius, bore no indication of value. As Rome grew in power the need for the Victoriatus lessened. Circa 170 BC, after the coin ceased to be minted, Rome’s Greek and Southern Italian neighbors switched to the denarius and the victoriatus quickly disappeared from commerce.

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