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Roman Empire Faustina Sr. 100-140 AD Silver Denarius

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Faustina SR. Was a Roman empress and wide to emperor Antoninus Pius, the adopted son of Hadrian. Her father and brothers were consuls, and her uncle was Emperor Hadrian. When Hadrian died, Faustina Sr.'s husband became the emperor. Only one of the couple's four children (Faustine Jr. Future Wife of Marcus Aurelius) survived long enough to see her parents on the throne. 

Faustina's kindness and gregarious nature stood in stark contrast to her relatively somber, mile-mannered husband. As empress, she was beloved by Rome and known for her beauty and charity. She assisted widely in the education of Roman children, Concentrating mostly on the advancement of young girls. 

When Faustina died in AD140 of unknown causes, Rome mourned her and Emperor Antonius was notably devasted. He went to several lengths on her behalf, urging the senate to deify her as a diva and striking several coins with her likeness. Though Faustina dies early on in her husband's reign, he never remarries. 

These ancient coins have been inspected and authenticated by Jeff Garrett. Mr. Garrett is one of the Nation's elite coin experts, author of numerous books on numismatics, consultant to the Smithsonian and was president of the ANA (American Numismatic Association). These coins have not been graded but are guaranteed authentic.

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