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Roman Empire Constantinian, AD 330-340 Ch AU

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Roman Empire Constantinian, AD 330-340 Ch AU

The Constantinian dynasty ruled Rome from 307-361 A.D. The namesake of the reign was Constantine the Great. Constantine the Great became sole emperor of the Roman Empire in 324 A.D. as a redult of a series of civil wars after his father, Constantius I Chlorus’ death. After Constantine the Great Secured the sole ruler position, he moved capital of the empire of Bysantium in 330 and changed the city’s name to Constantinople, city of Constantine. When Constantine the Great died in 337, his sons took over the empire, which was divided into 3 parts. Constantine II was the Emperor of Britannia, Hispania and Gallia before his death. Constantine II’s death was direct result of an attempt to invade Constans I. Constans I (337-350) ruled over Italia and Africa before inheriting the regions of Constantine II, which was than west of Rome. Constantius II (331-361) was emperor of the East.

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