R.C. Gorman; Nomad

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R.C. Gorman
Limited Edition
Numbered 124 of 150
Medium: Lithograph
Image Size: 23" x 34" Framed Size: 43" x 32"
Year: 1984
Framing note: This artwork already comes with a frame. We will touch up the frames before shipping but since this is not a brand new frame please be aware that imperfections may be present. You may contact us for a detailed condition report or if you desire you can obtain a brand new frame for a moderate fee. Please contact us at orders@gspawn.com for a quote.

R.C. Gorman (Rudolph Carl Gorman) was a Native American artist of the Navajo Nation. He grew up in a traditional Navajo hogan and began drawing at an early age. His grandmother recounted stories of his artist ancestors and Navajo legends, which helped influence his art. Gorman's paintings are primarily of Native American women and have the characteristics of vibrant color and fluid lines.

In 1958 he enrolled in the art program at Mexico City College where he became influenced by the works of Mexican social realists Diego Rivera, David Siqueiros, and Rufino Tamayo. It was the color and form changes from abstraction to abstract realism that intrigued Gorman. While in Mexico, he learned stone lithography, which he used throughout his career to make multiple images of his artworks. Interestingly, he often drew directly on the stones from which the lithography was being printed. Gorman passed away in 2005 in New Mexico.

Comes w/ Certificate of Authenticity Signed by Rick Harrison.

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