(Nintendo NES): Adventures of LOLO (1989)

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NES Game: Adventures of LOLO (1989)

  • Adventures of LOLO is a puzzle video game released in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
  • The player assumes the role of Lolo and attempts to rescue Princess Lala, who has been kidnapped by the evil King Egger
  • Lolo travels to Egger's castle, with 50 rooms arranged in 10 floors of five
  • Within each room, Lolo must collect several hearts in order to open a treasure chest and collect the gem inside, which will open the exit to the next room or floor
  • The player must navigate the obstacles in each room and avoid or neutralize several different types of enemies, which vary by movement and attack pattern
  • All enemies disappear once Lolo picks up the gem
  • The player can move, slide certain blocks around the screen, and fire a limited number of shots at enemies

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