Mike Tyson's Punch Out - Signed Memorabilia

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• Mike Tyson - Authentic Signature
• Like new condition with JSA certification
• Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight boxing champion of the world in 1986, at age 20. 

Not to be overlooked is Tyson's unpredictable timing of his blows. Afterwards, he will throw different blows that do less damage. Little Mac can get a star by simply hitting Tyson with a jab when Tyson blinks both of his eyes to notate that he's doing an amalgam of Piston Honda's Piston Rush. The main concern for Little Mac will be Tyson's lightning jabs, which can come out quick and can hurt Mac without the player knowing it.

In February and March of 1988, Nintendo held a contest called the "Tyson Top Tips Contest" where people could share tips on how to beat Mike Tyson. Five winning tips were drawn out of a hat and the winners received a life size cardboard Mike Tyson.


Frame: Approx. 17" x 26" x 2"

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