Bishu Yokoyama Kozuke Daijo Fujiwara Sword

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His common name is Heibei, and he is the grandson of Nagamasa Yosôzaemon in the sixth generation. He is the son of Hichibei Sukesada, and he received the title of Kôzuke no Daijô in Kanbun Yonen (1664). It is thought that both his works and his succession to the name (Sukesada) began from this time. He died at the age of 89 in the winter of Jôkyô Rokunen (1689).

He is regarded as the best and most representative Bizen Osafune smith of the Shintô period.  From the time he received the title of Kôzuke no Daijô in 1664, he signed his works using that title in his signature.  Before that time, however, details about his life are somewhat limited.  This might be because when he was born in 1633, his father was already 57 years old.  When he began his sword making under his father’s tutelage, he spent much of his time making daisaku blades for his father.

In the fourth year of Kanbun (1664) at age 32, Sukesada received the honorary title of Kôzuke Daijô and, according to his personal auto-biography (Sukesada Ki 祐定記), he had an audience with the first generation Daimyô of the Okayama fief, Ikeda Mitsumasa (池田光政, 1609-1682).  This was the first honorary title that was given to a Bizen Osafune swordsmith in the Edo period. 


Details: Japan Sword Daijo Fujiwara, Japanese, Bishu Yokoyama Kozune Daijo Fujiwara Edo period.


Full Length: Approximately 40"

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