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Indo-Scythians Aspavarma, c.AD 20-46 F

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Indo-Scythians Aspavarma, c.AD 20-46 F

The Scythians were nomads who came out of central Asia and settled an area that spanned from India to Bulgaria. They were despised for their constant invasions, and over the course of almost a century, they destroyed the Greeks in Pakistan and Afghanistan. "This wise men of the east, " as described by the Bible, were guided by the Star of Bethlehem to find the baby Jesus. Christian tradition has the number as three wisemen (the Magi) named Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar. Some believe that Caspar was a representative sent by "The Great King" Azes II of ancient Bactria. His travels were financed by the Silver Tetradrachms issued by Azes, who ruled the area from 35BC to 5AD. These coins were inspired by ancient Greek designs with a depiction of the Kind on horseback and standing figure of Athena. The observe legends are written in Greek and the reverse in Indian script. The coins are among the earliest bilingual coins.

Year/MM: c.AD 20-46
Grading Service: NGC
Grade: F
Collection: NGC Ancients
Verified:* Yes

*Note* Coin received may slightly vary from that pictured however, year, grade and coin type will all match.

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