Dennis Mukai; Soft Shoulder

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Dennis Mukai
Entitled: Soft Shoulder
Limited Edition
Numbered 122 of 275
Framed: 33 1/4" x 41 1/2"
Medium: Lithograph
Framing note: This artwork already comes with a frame. We will touch up the frames before shipping but since this is not a brand new frame please be aware that imperfections may be present. You may contact us for a detailed condition report or if you desire you can obtain a brand new frame for a moderate fee. Please contact us at for a quote.
Most known for his paintings of beautiful women, Dennis Mukai has had a successful career as an artist and photographer. He has been a contributing artist to Playboy magazine. Because of his work with live models, he began to have an interest in photography and has become an accomplished celebrity photographer. He has shot Keanu Reeves, Kid Rock, Ziggy Marley, John Fogerty, Duran Duran, and many more. In the past few years, Mukai has transitioned into the world of fine art. Mukai has developed a unique technique of using sandpaper to remove layers of paint to gradually reveal the white of the gessoed surface, which has made these paintings often mistaken for photographs.

Comes w/ Certificate of Authenticity Signed by Rick Harrison.

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