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Crusader Kingdom Coin, AD 1163-1201 AR Denier XF

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Hailing from the tumultuous dark ages this is coinage struck by the Crusader Kingdoms in the late 13th century. The Crusader Kingdoms struck their own coinage including the deniers of Bohemond III and IV, rulers of the Principality of Antioch. The Obverse depicts the bust of a Crusader Knight, wearing Norman-Style chain mail. The reverse bears the cross.

In 1095, Pope Urban III issued a call for knights throughout Christendom to attack the powerful Islamic Caliphate and reclaim Jerusalem, launching the era of the Crusades. Over the next four centuries, great armies of Islam and Christianity would engage in a titanic struggle for control of vast stretches of the world.

No medieval or Crusaders Collection is complete without an example of this attractive type. 

*Note* Coin received may slightly vary from that pictured however, year, grade and coin type will all match.

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