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Bison Gorge Damascus Bowie Knife

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Like the noble animal to which it pays homage, the Bison Gorge Bowie is big, powerful and bold. It boasts a hefty clip point blade hand forged from gorgeous Damascus steel. The storied metal's whirlwind of waves, undulations and swirls is the result of an ancient smiting technique that involves painstakingly folding and hammering red hot steel time and again for sometimes days on end. Finally, the folded steel blank is acid etched to highlight the hundreds, even thousands of contrasting lines that blanket the blade. From the earthy smell of the leather to the light oil coat on the blade, the Bison Gorge Bowie is positively tactile and demands to be grasped and put to work. Of course its understated rustic beauty makes it a fine standout in any knife collection.


Total Length: Approximately 15"

Blade: Approximately 9.5"

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